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If you’re a home-owner in Park City, UT and are in need of a general contractor to help you with anything from exterior home renovations, home remodeling, new roofs, garage additions, interior home renovations and so on, CK Builders is the home renovation company with the skills and experience to get it done right.

Getting to work in Park City is an absolute treat because of the amazing results we are able to get for our clients. As families change and trends shift a lot of the older homes in Park City no longer do what home owners need. That is where expert home remodelers like us come in.


Park City General Contracting Services

Exterior home renovations can be critical to the use and life of your house because of the extreme weathers that we get in Park City, Utah. Especially in the winter our houses’ siding, roofs, soffits, facias, gutters, and stucco all take a real beating. We offer premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and labor that is backed by the industries best warranties in order to assure the best possible results for you home renovations. We use this same attention to detail, workmanship, and quality of labor with all of our interior home renovations as well. Whether it is finishing a basement, remodeling a bathroom, or updating a kitchen, CK Builders is here to help.

Home owners in Park City will often times try to do all of their home renovation projects on their own but it doesn’t always work out the way they wanted. Home remodeling looks easy on TV but the majority of jobs require skills and experience in order to get them done right. Most people will spend close to the same amount of money doing the job themselves then they would have spent just hiring a professional and it often doesn’t look as good. We want to save our customers both time and money by giving them the best quote and proving them with the best work.


We Provide Customer Focused General Contracting Services

  Home owners in Park City have been choosing CK Builders for years because of our attention to detail, expert craft-work, and our 4-year warrantied labor. Our expert work and years of experience go into every interior home renovation that we do. Residents of Park City love their homes and they shouldn’t trust their home remodels to just anybody. We take the time to listen to our customers in order to ensure that we are truly working to bring to light the home renovations you have in mind. We also bring years of experience in home remodeling to the table in order to help you come up with home remodel ideas you haven’t dreamed about.   

Our long list of satisfied customers have told us how much they appreciated having one point of contact to answer their questions all through the job. Both this and that our expert remodel contractors were knowledgable, talented, and skilled enough to know what it was going to take in order to get a job done. Our staff has the overall skill set to make any of your home renovation projects go as smoothly as possible.


 General Contracting Services in Park City

Here at CK Builders, we loving taking those older Park City homes and turning them into something immaculate. A lot of those older styles have closed floor plans, small cosets, worn out roofs, and cramped spaces. We use our expert home remodeling skills to give the older homes a second life. We really enjoy getting to listen to home owners in Park City describe the home renovations they are envisioning and then bringing them into existence. We can convert a garage into a new family room, we can build a whole new garage addition for that extra car, we can turn a cramped kitchen into an open master piece perfect for entertaining. We love doing home renovations in Park City because the people are amazing and the results are always breathtaking.

We love both exterior and interior home renovations. The exterior home renovations add to curb appeal and can really make you fall in love with your home all over again. Interior home remodeling can help you feel at home in a beautiful and brand new way. Remodeling a kitchen, updating a bathroom, getting a new walk-in closet, these things can make your home magical. Whatever you decide to do with your home, get yourself a good general contractor that will get your home renovations done right.

General Contracting Services in Park City

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If you are looking for general conracting services in the Park City area CK Builders is your company. We have been providing extensive home remodeling, flooding repair and home editions in the Park City area since 2002. Check out our video of a flood remodel project we finished in the Pine Brook neighborhood of Park City: Home Flood Remodeling Park City

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