If you are planning on remodeling your existing home or getting ready to build a new one, before you hit the drawing board, you may want to take a look at the latest building trends of 2019. Adding one, two, or three of these ideas can make your project a huge success. Being one of the top general contractors in Havre, Montana we have seen a lot of projects this year, here are some trends we are seeing.

1. Sun Rooms

Sunrooms can be so versatile and if built right, can make an area of the home into an escape from the chaos of the house. This addition to your home can add a room for tranquility to your house. The current trend is to make the patio area in to convertible living space. In cold climates, options typically include a fireplace or heaters that will allow for use all year long. As long as the area is comfortable and well lit, it will become a haven for leisure and relaxation.

2. Walk in Showers

Like sun rooms there are endless possibilities to walk-in showers. While they are not a new concept, many people wanting to modernize their homes are installing them. New designs include sun tunnels, his and hers showerheads, rain panels, and no door options. These walkin showers have been one of the most popular home remodels we’ve seen.The bathroom is now getting the focus it deserves as one of the most used rooms in a home.

3. Heated Flooring

While heated flooring has been reserved for the bathroom for a long time, it is now finding its way to other areas of the home. The kitchen and entry areas of the home are now getting attention from heated flooring. With the trend of removing shoes at the door, guests and family will be pleasantly surprised when the first step they take is on a heated surface.

4. Formal Dining Rooms

With the expansion of great room living, formal dining rooms were put on the shelf for a while. They are making a strong comeback this year as many designers are making them the focal point of the home. By incorporating some simple designs, the rooms are quickly gaining ground as a family gathering place. Using vintage furniture, warm lighting, and wallpaper (yes it is making a comeback), you can make these rooms less stuffy and more user friendly.

5. Living Kitchen Areas

The days of the kitchen being stuffed at the back of the house are gone. Large kitchen areas with an open look and feel have made the kitchen the go to spot of the home. Kitchen remodels are a big trend especially smart kitchens and smart appliances have made the possibilities endless.

6. Outdoor Living

As the warmer months move closer, outdoor living is a big-ticket item to have. Utilizing every inch of living space available, one can turn a simple patio into an outdoor luxury suite. BBQ’s, firepits, pizza ovens, bars, and the night stars can complete the area. Moving the indoors outside is a hot trend this year.

7. Walk in Pantries

As generations continue to age and many children care for their parents, thoughts are moving toward accessibility. One of the items making waves is the ability to reach items in the pantry. A walk in pantry is a great addition to your kitchen remodel because of its functionality. The trend to meet this concern it the design of walk in pantries that have lower shelving making products easily accessible. Many new features include height adjustable drawers and shelves, built in storage bins, and wheelchair accessibility.

8. Green Building

Many home owners are concerned with the future of our earth and what it takes to actually run a home. Areas of focus include solar heating, energy efficiency, and product longevity. There are many building practices that can be incorporated into new designs that will not only save you money on your utilities but will also leave little to no carbon footprint. If you are remodeling, there are simple fixes that will save you money too.

9. Open Plans

Homeowners are wanting large flowing areas in the home. These large areas can create a sense of family togetherness as you blend several living spaces into one large living area. Trends include kitchen, media, and living spaces blended into one large space that allow each person of the home to be present without bumping or crawling on top of each other.

10. Recycled/Reclaimed Wood

Many builders are creating rustic spaces for owners by using reclaimed wood accents. These accents give the home a lived-in feel that can’t be created any other way. Not only is the use of old barns or fencing a great way to create this effect, but also is great for the environment because new wood is does not have to be harvested to complete the project. This is a win/win for green building, saving the planet, and creating style.

By using any of these latest building trends, you will create the space that is just right for you and your family. From saving the environment to building your dream home, the trends of 2019 have something for everyone.