What trends should be expected in 2019 in Utah? If you are thinking about changing the color or style of your door, it’s nice to know what the trends are. You may already have style preferences, but it is fun to get new ideas. Being on trend will definitely help the resale value of your home and your enjoyment of it now.

Doors make a statement, and there is so much you can do with them. Changing a door can add a pop of color or a feeling of being “in style” or current to any home or business. You don’t need to do a complete home remodel in order to make a fun change. Below is information on current trends in color, front doors, interior doors, and patio doors.


Wood and wood look-alike doors are always in. You can’t go wrong with wood. Wood can lend itself to both traditional and contemporary design. Wood is timeless and looks good as a front door next to brick, stone, stucco, or siding.

Right now wood is on trend with contemporary design, which is really popular in home décor. You’ve probably noticed home décor using potted succulents, weathered wood, and décor made from natural fibers, like burlap and woven rope. If this look is you, wood might be the way to go. Natural looking light stain as well as dark stain is currently trending.

Bright colors for doors are definitely in. Bright red or black are traditional classics that never go out of style. A bright yellow may be the perfect color to show off all your seasonal wreaths. Teals, berry-red hues and cool blues and aqua are also on trend.

Dark-on-dark bold colors like dark blues and charcoal together are also becoming popular.
Front Door Trends

Front doors are a cheap and easy way to change the look of your house. Painting your door or even changing out your door cost far less than changing the front façade of your house.

  • Tall doors are on trend right now. Exterior and interior doors are larger than ever.
  • Clean lines. Some moldings on doors help to create a classic look. However, the trend is toward more of a sleek modern look with less ornamentation and sticking (molding surrounding door panels).
  • Pivot door hinges. Because some doors are so large, people are finding that pivot hinges work well supporting a heavy door. A pivot hinge works off of an axis located at the top and bottom of the door. There is no hinge on the side of the door at all.
  • Bright colors.
  • Wood.

Interior Doors

The two design styles still popular in interior doors are modern and contemporary/country.

  • Flush doors are coming back into style and add a modern look to any house. Flush doors are flat with no sticking at all. They are streamlined and sleek.
  • Barn doors are popular for builders because the size of the door and the size of the doorway don’t have to match precisely. Also, since the hardware for the doors is mounted high on the wall, the doors have a unique interesting look. These doors go well with contemporary trends.

Patio Doors

The main trend in patio doors is bigger, bigger, and bigger. The idea is to let a lot of light in and to help you to feel that the inside and outside are connected. Patios with interior elements like rugs and nicer furniture also lend to this trend of bringing the inside out or the outside in.

Sliders are popular as are huge 12 x 16 feet door units.