Renovating any kind of residential property can be a ball. If you’re looking to remodel the exterior of your home, then it’s up to you to reach out to the team at CK Builders in inviting Cottonwood Heights, Utah. We’re a full-service firm that manages all kinds of exterior residential remodeling requests for the people who are part of our substantial customer base.

CK Builders is a local business that has been aiding clients in the area for close to two full decades now. Chad Kirkham is the home remodeling talent who is at the helm of our company. He’s a construction wizard who has a true penchant for residential exterior remodeling projects and all of their perks. If you’re searching for a Pleasant grove remodel contractor who is well-versed in all sorts of requirements, we’re here. We handle exterior remodels in Cottonwood Heights that run the gamut.

Exterior Home Renovations

If you want to jazz up the appearance of your residential property from the outside, then our exterior remodel work is precisely the thing that you need in your life. We can provide you with trim options that can appeal to you. People who wish to highlight the finest facets of their home regularly opt for copper.

Stuccos, Stone, and Brick

We know a lot about stone, stucco and brick. It doesn’t matter if you want your home to appear refined, timeless or dignified. We can wow you with stone choices that can make your personality come to life easily.


Siding aims to safeguard properties from the elements. If you want to install siding that’s simultaneously resilient and visually enticing, then we can easily help you do so. We can help you pick between all kinds of first-class siding materials. Remember, too, that siding is accessible in a vast range of memorable styles and colors. That’s why you can pick siding that can flatter the exterior of your home to a T.

Chimney Hoods

Chimney hoods are big parts of many homes. You can find these hoods in an abundance of sizes and forms as well. If you want to accentuate your residential property in a marvelous way, getting a chimney hood that’s customized can do the trick. Note, too, that these hoods are also capable of concealing unpleasant pipes. If you want to revamp the exterior of your home in a dramatic fashion, the addition of bespoke chimney hoods can achieve so much.

Exterior Renovation Assistance

Are you searching for the greatest help with exterior remodels in or near Cottonwood Heights? If you are, then we want to aid you at CK Builders. We can make you smile with home renovations that cover so many bases. If you want to find a remodel contractor who can do so much for the exterior of your structure, then we’re more than ready to assist you. Contact the welcoming and diligent staff at CK Builders without hesitation to get more information about our exterior remodeling work.