You have likely seen that one of the hardest parts of home renovation projects is not the project itself but finding reliable contractors to do the job. Knocking down walls, tiling floors, and installing new kitchen cabinets are pretty straightforward jobs. Finding a high quality contractor who is going to do the work well from start to finish is a little bit more difficult.

Horror stories abound of contractors who tore apart a kitchen or a bathroom and then never returned to finish the work. There are also stories about contractors who tear apart a room in a home and then charge their clients two or three times the original bid for the job. Truthfully, even with a good general contractor who is honest and dedicated to doing the job well, home renovations can be a stressful process. It is expensive, and it usually has some unexpected surprises. For example, when homeowners remove the tile from the floor and examine the sub-floor, they may find that it is rotted out. Or they may find dangerous electrical wiring and pipes that are leaking behind the walls.

Finding a Good Contractor in Draper

Finding a good general contractor to help with your home remodel in Draper requires some effort, but it can be done. First, you need to know what you want prior to getting estimates. Before you talk to a general contractor about your home remodel, know the specific materials you want to use and the specific job you want done.

Talk to Friends and Relatives for References

Look around your neighborhood and think about neighbors who have had similar projects done. If you have friends in building trades, ask them who they would recommend. Employees at local hardware stores constantly interact with contractors and may provide good referrals.

Do Your Research

Do not just look up one or two contractors. We recommend that you talk to at least 3 contractors. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Have them write out a proposal with estimates. When comparing bids, make sure that each bid has the same materials and is for the same task. This ensures that you are not comparing apples to oranges.

Be Realistic about Your Contractor’s Availability

When a contractor has a reputation for being good at home renovations, they will be busy. You may need to wait six months or more before your project starts. Planning three months out is good, but if you can plan six months out, that will give your contractor the opportunity to finish all the jobs that are working on and then plan your job within an accurate time frame.

Find out how much of the work subcontractors will do. If you have a large renovation, your contractor may bring in subcontractors to do the electrical or plumbing work. You want to know what outside workers will be in your home, but you also want to know how your contractor plans to manage and supervise the work done during your home renovation. Your interaction with subcontractors should be minimal.

Finding a good general contractor in Draper is challenging, but it can be done. When your project goes smoothly, you are going to be happy that you took the time to find the right contractor.