The kitchen is truly the heart of any home. So much happens there. Food is prepared and eaten over conversations with family and friends. Secrets are shared, homework is finished, and problems solved, all while grabbing a glass of water or reaching for a snack. A kitchen is where a family is a family. All of us want our kitchens to be a place where we WANT to gather.

Right now there are many beautiful kitchen trends that can easily be incorporated into your style, no matter what it is. To follow some would mean a complete kitchen redo; others are simple touches and easy fixes that add a splash of color, texture, or even trendiness. Is your goal to have everything new or just a little more style?

Below are some great remodeling and restyling ideas for 2019:


Changing or adding hardware can update the look and feel of an entire kitchen. And, it’s fairly inexpensive and easy to change out. For 2019, some people are going for a sleek modern look with matte black hardware and fixtures. The last few years, pure white kitchens have been the trend, and this year, the style is to add a pop of color to the all-white. People are doing that with black. Other current trends include pewter or gunmetal hardware to add interest to a kitchen. A warmer classic look is brushed brass. You’ve got some incredible options.


The trend in kitchen designs is “clean” uncluttered looks with concealed storage and integrated appliances that blend in with the surrounding cabinets as much as possible. One trend you will start to see more of in 2019 is homeowners taking out some upper or lower cabinets and installing glass shelves in their place. Appliances and cabinets blend in while the shelves are a statement piece.


Pendant lighting is a growing trend for kitchens. Vintage or industrial pendants continue to be on trend but you can’t go wrong with traditional, classic shapes, either.


As mentioned above, the trend in kitchens is moving away from all-white. If you have a white kitchen, the trend is to add a pop of color with some colored stools, some color on a light shade or color on a window curtain. A little color is an inexpensive way to keep your kitchen looking up-to-date.

Another trend, away from modern, is using raw materials like wood and stone to create a feel that is warm and welcoming but also close to nature. Think wooded floors, stained cabinets, wall panels, and even counter tops. If that is too much wood for you, just adding one wooden element will warm up your space.

Colored cabinetry is also becoming more popular. More and more people are doing grey-washed blue and greens. Even deeper, darker blues are being done and may be the next big color trend.


If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add color to your kitchen, try colored subway tiles on your backsplash. They are a classic design that will go with almost any style or look. As a bonus, they will not clash with busier countertops.

Another more luxurious trend in backsplashes is to have an oversized piece of veined marble as a statement piece. Of course, for many of us, to put in something like this would mean taking out needed cabinets. Really, the possibilities are endless!