During a kitchen remodel, you will need to select new flooring materials to give the room an attractive appearance. While we all want a beautiful kitchen, looks aren’t the only thing to consider when replacing your kitchen floors in Pleasant Grove. Our construction company’s technicians know that there are different types of flooring materials available, including:

  • Linoleum – available in rolls or tiles
  • Stone – granite, marble, limestone or slate
  • Concrete – natural color or painted
  • Hardwood – walnut, oak, maple or cherry
  • Ceramic – in different colors and designs

Creating a Floor Plan

Before the home remodeling project begins, our designer will create a new floor plan that will consider the placement of cabinets and appliances. We also need to think about the proper placement of windows, doors, plumbing systems and electrical wiring. You will get to choose the types of cabinets that you want along with the countertops and wall paint color.

Durable Kitchen Flooring

You will want to select kitchen flooring materials that match or coordinate with the other design elements in the kitchen, but at the same time, you must think about how you will care for the floor. The floors in a kitchen undergo a lot of wear and tear from constant foot traffic, but the materials are also subjected to the damage from food debris.

Resisting Stains and Preventing Injuries

Our construction company’s experts recommend choosing flooring materials that are comfortable to stand on but that are also slip-resistant. You will also get to choose flooring materials that are easy to clean with mopping and vacuuming. It is also a good idea to select materials that have a durable coating that will resist the stains from spilled beverages or foods.

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Sound Softening

If you want to have a quieter home, then we suggest selecting flooring that absorbs the sounds from chairs scraping across the floor or metal spoons being stirred in pans. You may want to have a particular color or design in your home’s kitchen so that the room looks attractive next to a dining area or a living room.

Finding The Right Color

When a kitchen is a smaller room, a lighter color of flooring can make the space look bigger and brighter, but at the same time, these tiles will require cleaning to maintain the appearance of the kitchen. Darker color kitchen flooring is a good choice for larger rooms, but it will give the room a smaller appearance, and if you live in a dusty environment, then the dust will look obvious on the floor tiles.

Contact A Good General Contractor

Before the kitchen remodel, you can use a computer software program to get an idea about what the room will look with different types of flooring materials. With the computer software program, you can change the colors of the other items in the kitchen, including the colors of the appliances, walls, sink, countertop and cabinets, helping you to choose the best flooring for the room. Contact our construction company today to learn more about our home remodeling services that include customized kitchen remodels.