Are you thinking of finishing your basement in order to increase the usable square footage of your home and to increase its value? When you walk down to your basement and think about the work involved in the space, you probably think about purchasing drywall, flooring and light fixtures and doing it yourself. However, this is not recommended. This is because home renovations in Park City in your basement still require permits, and since they can be dam areas, certain precautions must be taken. To get it done correctly so that you can use it for decades, it’s always best to hire a general contractor that performs basement renovations.

1. Make Sure Your New Basement Is Legal

If you do your basement home remodel yourself, there’s a good chance it will later be deemed illegal, forcing you to either rip out everything you put into your basement or hiring a general contractor in Park City to turn your illegal basement into a legal basement. This is because you need certain building permits before you begin renovating your basement, and some cities and states may put exclusions on certain items in basements. For example, did you know that in some cities it’s illegal to convert a basement into an apartment unless a certain percentage of the walls are above ground level, and the ceilings are a certain height? It’s also illegal to create a space that is to be occupied below ground that does not contain any direct exits to the outdoors. A home remodeling contractor is experienced in converting basements and can finish your basement so that it complies with any applicable building codes.

2. Increase Your Home’s Value

A finished basement will increase your home’s value. However, you’ll only recoup your investment and add appeal for buyers if your basement was renovated by a professional. If you remodel your basement in Park City and cut corners and do things contrary to code and building standards this will be caught during the due diligence period of the next buyers of your home. In fact, it might end up costing you more money if it is not done right.

3. Basement Renovations Done Safely and Quickly

Imagine starting your DIY basement renovation then getting busy with your family or work and having to abandon the project. This would leave building materials moldering on the cracked concrete of your basement floor, and it still wouldn’t give you your dream basement. If you do manage to start your renovation and get it completed, you could get injured from falling down your old rickety basement stairs to accidentally getting electrocuted when you try to install a new light fixture or electrical outlet.

There are a lot of reasons why you should hire a professional remodel contractor. One of them is that a general contractor that specializes in basement home renovations can perform your basement makeover quickly and safely because they know how to turn off the electricity to certain parts of your home, and they have voltage meters and other equipment that helps them stay safe while they perform renovations and updates. Not to mention, when you hire a professional, you know your basement remodel will get finished, and it will be finished on time.