The main focal point of a home these days is the kitchen. Gone are the days when the kitchen was hidden out of sight out of mind where meals are prepped, and dishes are washed. The kitchen has turned into the gathering place for families to start their day, and to come together at the day’s end. Now that the kitchen has moved to a main focal point, it is now getting the attention is so justly deserves. According to Sebring Design below are the top remodeling trends for today’s kitchens.

1) Tech Kitchens:

From motion sense faucets to refrigerators that create grocery lists, todays smart kitchens are an ever evolving. Technology has infiltrated the kitchen and it is here to stay. Making simple changes to smart lighting and other smart devices that can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet will not only bring you convenience but will also increase your homes value.

2) Dark rich colors are in:

With the availability of stains and glazes these days the limits on kitchen designs are non-existent. White is definitely classic and will go with just about any design, but in today’s kitchen you can expect to see a variety of colors and stains to break up the white. Dark cabinets such as black, navy, and emerald green can work to enhance the kitchen with their dramatic colors and luxurious feel. The colors cast a subtle yet dramatic essence to the home. However, you do have to be careful not to overpower the room and make it feel dark. Finding a balance between the light and dark colors will create a room that is not only luxurious but also incredibly elegant. For 2019, expect to see a lot of black and dark bold colors in the kitchen.

3) Streamline designs, natural materials, and titillating textures:

Open kitchen designs with clean and simple looks are continuing into 2019. To achieve this, removing upper cabinets and installing open shelves is a great alternative. Rough cut wood shelving, natural stone back splashes, and metal tubing are a great way to bring natural elements into the kitchen while bringing textures into the kitchen that will tingle the senses.

4) Quartz still tops it all:

Quartz countertops and accents are still in. Quartz is easy to maintain, antibacterial, and has a long lifespan. With today’s technology, manufacturers are able to produce a wide range of colors and patterns that are finished with beautiful large veins and unique swirls. While these designs have been extremely popular in new construction and remodeling, there is a shift occurring to neutral softer tones. Light grays, taupe, cream, and white finishes are being utilized as the balance to the rich bold darker colors coming onto the scene.

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5) Storage, storage, storage:

Nothing bugs a homeowner more than seeing wasted space. The key to a functional kitchen is storage. Custom cabinets can get you not only storage, but improved functionality. Appliance garages, drawer dividers, rollout trays, and pull out spice racks are just the tip of the iceberg in kitchen storage designs. When you are planning a home renovation keep storage in mind.

6) Kitchen appliance updates:

Stainless steel has been the top market seller for quite some time, so seeing new finishes come to market is not surprising. Some of the most expensive and stylish appliances on the market today come in bright bold colors like bright blue and red. And while these aren’t your grandmas’ appliances, they sure do look like it. Vintage is in.

7) Ceramic tile is making a comeback:

If you want the look of hardwood, which has been one of the most popular products in kitchen flooring, but also the ease of maintenance, look no further than ceramic tile. Today’s tile comes in a variety of colors and styles that mimic the look and feel of hardwood flooring. For those who what to venture toward the a more natural stone look without the weight, tile has you covered. With today’s ceramic tiles, the sky’s the limit.

8) Islands are it:

Gone are the days of squeezing an island into a small space in hopes of gaining more utility. Today’s islands serve as the focal point of the kitchen serving multiple purposes like additional storage space and living area. In home re-modeling it is important to keep these things in mind.

9) Backsplashes are growing:

Backsplashes are a great way to add texture and add a pop of color. Large slabs are taking over. These slabs can be made out of virtually anything from marble, wood, copper, to glass and metal. With upper cabinets on their way out, homeowners are left with more wall space to play with.

10) Bring the outdoors in:

The trend today is to connect the outdoors with the living spaces indoors. By installing glass doors in your kitchen, you can easily bring the outdoors inside and connect the patio areas with the hub of the home.

We hope you find some inspiration in the 2019 kitchen trends. By bringing some of the newest trends into your kitchen, you can give the most used room your house an updated look and feel of quality and elegance with the much need functionality we all seek.