Choosing a time to start a construction project can be a bit tricky. The time frame you choose will determine whether your project can run subsequently or not. Everything from planning, booking a general contractors, finish and cleanup depends on the time of year and weather conditions you may run into.


If you are building a new home in Utah, you may want to choose Autumn as the time of year to start. During autumn months, the ground is typically not frozen yet allowing for footings and foundations to still be completed. Autumn is also typically cooler which allows general contractors in Utah County to work continually. Also, starting in the fall, contractors push timelines to get the exterior components completed first allowing for interior work to be completed over the winter months.


If you are completing a remodeling project that only affects the interior of the home, winter is a great time to start. A lot of contractors typically slow down during the winter months which drives prices down as contractors compete for business. This could be to your financial advantage. In addition, the cost of building materials typically declines in the winter months as supply and demand reverse from the summer months. With remodeling a home in Utah County this is especially true since we get a full dose of winter weather.

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There are some exterior projects that can be completed during the winter months. These include stone coated steel metal roofing, soffit/fascia, and rain gutters. You will want to stay away from concrete pouring, stucco, and painting during the winter months due to the temperature swings in the intermountain region.


As they say, April showers bring May flowers! Unfortunately, the showers slow down Utah home construction projects dramatically. Many Spring projects require the ground to thaw and dry weather conditions to make any headway. Spring time can be fickle with weather patterns in North America with excessive winds and rain. If you choose to start your project during the spring, make sure that you plan in weather delays as your contractor will have to work around storms, mud, and wind. Planning to start towards the end of spring is a great idea, especially if you can get all your ducks in row before hand. Hiring a general contractor to assist with your spring project is a great idea, as they have access to resources and contractors you may not have access to. Getting the project scope nailed down along with colors will help considerably in this process.


Most construction projects, especially exterior projects, additions, new home builds, or remodels start in the summer months. The weather is great, but prices are at premium. Expect to pay more for both building materials and labor during the summer months, especially if you are in a booming construction area. Summer is the busiest time for contractors and supplies are at a high during these months. If you obtained a quote earlier in the year, make sure it is still honored at the quoted price for install during the summer months. It may prove advantageous to sign a contract with a contractor in the early spring to be installed during the summer months. Signing a contract and getting on the install schedule may help you save money on your projects bottom line.

Choosing the best time of year to begin a residential project is tricky, but by balancing supply and demand with timeframes and necessity, you are sure to save a few dollars and check the project off your “to do” list. At CK Builders,  we would love to assist you in your project and will work with you to bring your project to fruition in a way that is both timely and budget conscious.