A fireplace is often the symbolic heart of a home. It’s the place to celebrate holidays, chat with the family, or spend a romantic evening. If your home was built without a fireplace, all hope is not lost. You can make home improvements to add the fireplace you always dreamed of. There are unlimited fireplace options available, but here are a few ideas that you should consider:

Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace is simply an electrical heater that appears to be the same as a traditional wood-burning or gas fireplace. While making home improvements in Montana, many people choose to replace their older, standard fireplace with an exciting electric one. Smoke is not released into your home and electric fireplaces are easy to clean. Going this route is a modern, efficient, and chic choice.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are good for the environment and easier to handle. There is no smoke to worry about; the waste gases are released to the outside through a hose in the wall rather than up a chimney. There are numerous styles in natural gas fireplaces that can complement any home construction, such as natural-looking logs and stylish grates. Relax as children or pets play near a gas fireplace; there aren’t fly away sparks or flames to be concerned about. When you are finished with the fire, it can be turned off with a flip of a switch or a remote.

Wood Fireplace

Although fireplace alternatives have become increasingly popular in home construction in Montana, it’s hard to beat the crackle and glow of a conventional wood-burning fireplace. You don’t have to depend on electricity for its use, so you will still have light and warmth during power outages. You can buy chopped firewood in bulk so that you have a long-lasting supply or you can wait to buy it on the days that you want to use your fireplace. You can even select the type of firewood you burn, which means you can make your fire long-burning, quick-burning, or aromatic. People love wood fireplaces so this can be a great home renovation to add value to your home.

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Fireplace Mantels

Mantels were traditionally used as a cover to catch the smoke from a fireplace. With present day home renovations in Billings, mantels are becoming more elaborate in the way they are designed. Their purpose aligned with style rather than functionality. Floating mantel shelves are a popular decor approach, along with reclaimed wood planks, and leather banding. No matter if your taste is modern, traditional, or farmhouse, a fireplace mantel is an excellent place to showcase it.

Fireplace Surrounds

The surround of a fireplace is the outer part that encircles the opening of the fire. This is generally composed of brick or durable material, like granite, limestone, or marble. However, during your home renovation, you can choose a material to be the showstopper within your room. Unconventional materials like steel, concrete, stacked stones, and marble tile can all be utilized to add more excitement to your atmosphere.