Are you thinking of making some changes to your home? A small improvement here or there can add great value to one of your biggest investments. Knowing how to add value can save you big dollars. Whether you spruce up your home for your enjoyment or need a few tips for resale, the potential for increased value is a given. These easy tips could add real dollars to your home’s value or give you years of enjoyment.

1. Renovate the kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home and one of the easiest ways to add both fiscal and practical value. You don’t have to invest in a large kitchen remodel in order to make your kitchen more open, warm, and inviting. Simple updates like updating cupboard doors or replacing the flooring can add practical value without breaking the budget. If you are looking for something a bit larger in scale, such as a complete remodel, you will want to hire a general contractor.

2. Landscaping

Get your green on. By spending some time and money on exterior home renovations, you can create a more enjoyable space for you or the future residents of your home. If you have a large yard with a lot of required maintenance, you may want to consider Xeriscaping. If you have a lawn that is hard to manage, you may want to add some paving or decking. A little time in the yard weeding, hedging, and cleaning up will increase value and make your yard a place you will want to be.

3. Make space

Small or older houses usually don’t have much storage space. Finding smart storage solutions will not only clean up clutter but will create real financial value. Multi-purpose furniture with hidden storage areas are a great way to add extra value without adding to the clutter. This is a really popular project to increase the value of your home.

4. Create a smart home

You can increase the value of your home by making it manageable from your smart phone. Adding a Wi-Fi thermostat or smart outlets will give you updated usability and the convenience of a smart home.

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5. Blue is best!

According to www.listwithclever.com blue paint can add thousands of dollars in value to your home. Yes, blue paint. It is not only great for your mood by creating a relaxing environment but looks great on the walls. Any shade of blue will do the trick while increasing the value of your home.

These simple tips can increase the value of your home while providing you with a beautiful environment to enjoy. Hiring a general contractor to assist you with a couple of these options. At CK Builders we know where you can invest your dollars to create increased value while providing you with peace of mind.